Live at ServusTV Studio

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In the live show "Servus um 2" on 1 December, Ernst Gittenberger and Christoph Teller provided insights into the current consumer mood, the (savings) plans of Austrians when buying presents and an outlook for 2023.

Although the IHaM analyses presented show an improvement in consumer sentiment, a third of Austrians still want to/need to save on Christmas presents this year. Savings are mainly made with work colleagues and acquaintances, but hardly with children.

At the same time, St. Mary's Day on 8 December will be one of the strongest shopping days in 2022, even though sales this year will not reach the level of the Advent shopping Saturdays. The economic outlook for the coming year remains gloomy - with high inflation and low economic growth at the same time.

The show was hosted by Gerald Schober and directed by Michaela Schuster. We would like to thank Doris Ahornegger for the insights into a state-of-the-art recording studio and for the kind support around the live broadcast.