Rabitsch Wins the 1st Leg of the 2018 Race Across Upper Austria

The first leg of the Race Across Upper Austria started at the JKU campus and was 12.6 kms uphill. Over 30 cyclists from the JKU took part.


2018 Children’s Congress: “Understanding Our World”

School students from grades 1-8 came to the JKU to work on projects focusing on digitalization and computer science. A total of 150 children took part...


Lukas on the Changes in State Government: Continue Advancements

JKU Rector Lukas thanked Deputy Governor Strugl for his services and appealed to his designated successor Markus Achleitner to continue a visionary...


Leftover Schnitzel and Apple Cores: Making Money from Rubbish

Alchemists painstakingly tried to turn base metals into gold. JKU scientists, however, have now succeeded in turning food waste into coal.


Excellence Management Workshop at the JKU

The 6th annual "Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management" at the JKU welcomed 18 junior researchers from all over Europe.


Young Doctors, Cuddly Patients: Kindergarten Teddy Bear Clinic

Shortage of physicians? Not in 20 years: 142 children at the ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ had a unique opportunity to practice their potential medical...


Film: Cats and Rats - and Especially Quanta

Quantum physics made easy: A new film takes a look at high-tech research at the JKU by using a double-date as an example.


JKU Researcher is the "Most-Cited Scientist in Austria"

According to the research portal ResearchGate, last month Univ. Prof. Sepp Hochreiter was cited more often than any other researcher in Austria.


Pond Race: To Scotland and Back for a Good Cause

The 2018 Pond Race attracted over 500 enthusiastic runners, raising € 3,321 Euro for the children’s charity, Kinderhilfswerk.


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