1,269 Medical Aspirants Took the Linz Entrance Exam

Over 1,269 people took the JKU medical school entrance examination at the Design Center in Linz.

Over 1,694 signed up to take the entrance examination, 81.8% from last year. The increase is a testament showing just how great the demand is to attend a unique, hands-on medical degree program. Starting in the first semester, students enrolled in the medical degree program at the Johannes Kepler University study closely under the guidance of practicing physicians. Over 200 physicians are involved in the program and they form an essential part of a distinctive curriculum designed to train new medical professionals.

The JKU will be increasing enrollment this year and for the first time, the JKU will accept 180 students to the program – 60 of those students will complete the first four semesters of the program in Linz and not at the Medical University of Graz as in previous years. At full capacity, the Faculty of Medicine at the JKU will accept 300 new students a year to the program.