2018 Peter Rummel Study Funds – Closing Ceremony

The Peter Rummel Study Fund is awarded to high-performing and talented students studying Civil Law. Once again, the best of the best were honored at a special ceremony.

During his opening remarks, JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas emphasized the importance of the funds – "… particularly in times of a paradigm shift from research to teaching, top performing students make up the university’s backbone." Former JKU professor - and namesake for the funds - Peter Rummel, concurred and remarked that he always considered teaching to be his primary task.

The students themselves were grateful "for the outstanding support." They believed the support they received was a "true luxury". There was much praise for Univ. Prof. Silvia Dullinger and her team for the excellent organization.

Graduates 2018:
Mag. Christiane Denkmaier
Mag. Barbara Hanke
Mag. Bettina Kranawetter
Mag. Laura Kronlachner (unable to attend)
Mag. Benedikt Peterseil (delayed)

Award Winners 2018:
Mag. Gabriel Ebner
Mag. Stefan Holzinger
Mag. Thomas Reich
Mag. Katrin Reitbauer
Mag. Lukas Ronacher