3,600 Participants at the Catalysts Coding Contest

Record attendance: 3,600 coders aimed to solve the CCC task.

Credit: Catalysts
Credit: Catalysts

The 30th Catalysts Coding Contest was a great success: 3,600 participants from 34 cities took part. In Linz, 304 coders were at the JKU. 156 took part in the classical competition and 148 tried to solve the task designed for school students.

Whereas Bucharest scored the overall victory, the Linz team ITP Code (5 Level, 3:12 hours) placed first, followed iCarly (5 Level, 3:26 hours) and We Push to Master (5 Level, 3:51 hours).

In the school student competition, HTL Perg (4 Level, 1:20 hours) came in ahead of Interns 5 & 6 (4 Level, 1:44 hours) and lone contestant mitmir (4 Level, 1:46 hours).

The next Catalysts Coding Contest will take place on November 8, 2019.