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"A Flight Simulator for the Brain": What once sounded like science fiction is becoming a reality at Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Impressions from the 4th JKU medTALK
Impressions from the 4th JKU medTALK

The 4th JKU medTALK at the JKU medLOFT centered around the "Medusa" project. Experts discussed the challenges and opportunities involved in developing a revolutionary training platform for neurosurgeons.

By combining real and virtual worlds, a hybrid neurosurgical training and planning platform will facilitate versatile and realistic training opportunities. Surgeons can haptically experience the artificially-produced patient model. In addition, inner (and otherwise invisible anatomical structures) will be visible in the form of virtually generated holograms. This "mixed reality application" can help train young surgeons and by including real patient data, can serve to help prepare to undertake complex operations.

The panel included:

• Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Gruber, head of the Department of Neurosurgery, JKU
• DI Dr. Julia Maier, JKU, Institute of Polymer Product Engineering
• Dr. Michael Giretzlehner, RISC Software Ltd.-
• DI Melanie Baumgartner, RnB Consulting


• Dr. Christine Haiden, journalist and President of the Upper Austrian Press Club

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JKU medTALK1: From left to right: Elgin Drda, Andreas Gruber, Melanie Baumgartner, Julia Maier, Michael Giretzlehner, and Christine Haiden.

JKU medTALK2: Podium discussion at the JKU medLOFT

JKU medTALK3: Andreas Gruber

JKU medTALK4: Julia Maier

JKU medTALK5: Michael Giretzlehner

JKU medTALK6: Melanie Baumgartner

The JKU medTALK series at the Johannes Kepler University Linz takes places at the new JKU medLOFT center and focuses on future topics in medicine. The medTALK series is an opportunity for the JKU to provide a quarterly platform to support research and innovation in medicine as well as give medical professionals, media experts, and representatives in medical industries an opportunity discuss various contemporary, and sometime controversial, issues.

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