AI Researchers in Linz Test Medical Substances for Effectivity to Fight CoV-2

30,000 "promising molecules" were listed in an openly accessible database.

KI Forscher Klambauer
KI Forscher Klambauer

Günter Klambauer, Institute for Machine Learning at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, remarked: "Based on our experience using artificial intelligence to develop active pharmaceutical ingredients, we have programmed artificial intelligence to search for promising drug approaches to fight the novel Coronavirus."

Over the last few days, the AI has worked its way through a billion molecules, "…on a mission to find those particular molecules with the greatest chance effectively inhibiting the CoV2 virus." Researchers have been able to limit the database to the most promising 30,000 active substances and prioritize these again within this list. The goal is to carry out the necessary preliminary work in order to obtain a drug as quickly as possible to fight the Coronavirus.

Klambauer added: "In the fight against the Coronavirus, we are making the acquired data openly available, particularly internationally. We believe it is vital that we use our expertise to support those working on drugs and active ingredients. The more we know where to look, the faster we can conduct the research."