Alexander Niedermayer presented with Sensor Technology Award

The award-winning research conducted by the JKU scientist focuses on the quality of hydraulic oil.

Alexander Niedermayer
Alexander Niedermayer

Award: AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement Technology

Paper Title: fluidFOX - der clevere online Fluid Analysator

Content: MicroResonant's fluidFOX is a compact system designed to monitor the quality of lubricating and hydraulic oils while helping to lower maintenance costs as well as the risk of mechanical failure. Regardless of the type of oil, the system not only determines viscosity, but also conveys a comprehensive, multi-parameter profile of the oil depending on temperature and pressure. fluidFOX is fully automatic and performs high-accuracy measurements, often exceeding complex laboratory analyses.

About Alexander Niedermayer

Alexander Niedermayer, age 41 years, from Linz

Field of Research: Electronic circuit technology for sensor interfaces and corresponding optimal signal processing.


Niedermayer earned a degree at the JKU in Mechatronics with focus on measurement technology. He later returned to the JKU for a research project, developing a measuring device for an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS). In 2015, he created a start-up company called MicroResonant in order to advance and ultimately market the resulting technology. MicroResonant has since established itself as a technological leader evaluating resonant sensors, particularly in the area of viscosity measurement.