Annual International Conference of Organizational Education in Upper Austria

At the beginning of March, the University of Education Upper Austria and the JKU will organize a symposium titled "Organisation und Verantwortung".

The annual Conference of Organizational Education is organized by the German Educational Research Association (DGfE) in cooperation with the Austrian Society of Research and Development in Education (ÖFEB).

Josef Oberneder, MAS, MSc., MBA (Vice-Rector for University Management and School Development at the University of Education Upper Austria) remarked: “We are delighted to host the prestigious annual conference for the first time. The event will attract over 140 international participants. As a university we have to critically reflect our social responsibility to take the right steps in the area of organizational development.”   
As part of the conference, international experts in the field will present research findings focusing on organizational research.  Invited guests will hold a panel discussion titled “Hochschule(n) in der Verantwortung” to discuss the university’s role during times of social transition.

Univ. Prof. Herbert Altrichter, Director of the Linz School of Education, added, “Learning frequently takes place as part of an organization and that leaves a mark on learning processes and outcomes. The emerging discipline of ‘organizational education’ aims to find these influences and identify ways to develop learning-friendly organizations.”