ANSOLE Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

For the past decade, the African Network for Solar Energy has been advocating renewable energy in Africa.

The African Network for Solar Energy’s 10th anniversary.
The African Network for Solar Energy’s 10th anniversary.

A digital international conference titled "ANSOLE DAYS 2021 & BALEWARE 2021" with financial and logistical support provided by the Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing (IPMT) at the JKU helped ANSOLE celebrate its 10th anniversary. The topic: Solar Energy Materials & Energy-Water Nexus.

Co-organized by IPMT and the International Science Programme (ISP) of Uppsala University, Sweden, participants from Africa, Europe, Asia, and North and Latin America took part in the conference. The JKU contributed by holding 5 presentations, including two keynote presentations. Wittgenstein Award winner Professor Serdar Sariciftci (head of the Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells - LIOS) held a presentation titled: “From Organic Electronics towards Bio-Organic Systems for CO2 Recycling”. Professor Reinhold Lang, heat of IPMT held a presentation titled “Great Industrial Transformation?”. Markus Gall (IPMT) spoke about "Socially Inclusive Plastics Recycling - A Multi-Year Case Study from Kenya" and Daniel A. M. Egbe (IPMT), international coordinator for ANSOLE and the event’s main organizer, recapped ANSOLE’s achievements over the past ten years.

Launched on February 4, 2011, at the JKU Linz with the support of Professor Serdar Sariciftci, ANSOLE’s activities have been coordinated by IPMT since the fall of 2016. This has since helped to further strengthen and expand the JKU's international relations with Africa.  Thanks to the moral and material support of IPMT, ANSOLE and its managing director can look back with pride on countless achievements over the past 10 years.