Arab League Presents JKU Physician with Award

Dr. Ahmed El-Gazzar was awarded the "Arab Expatriate's Day Prize" in recognition of outstanding research work.

Biologe Ahmed El-Gazzar (rechts) bei der Preisverleihung der Arabischen Liga.
Biologist Ahmed El-Gazzar (right) at the Arab League awards ceremony.

On December 4, the President of the Arab League presented Dr. Ahmed El-Gazzar with the "Arab Expatriate's Day Award" in the field of science during a ceremony held with all ambassadors of the member states at the Arab League in attendance.

Dr. El-Gazzar was nominated by his native country Egypt and the only nomination in the field of science. The nomination was based on his outstanding scientific achievements in the field of tumor immunology, a reason he was also granted Austrian citizenship in 2014.

About Dr. El-Gazzar
Ahmed El-Gazzar is a biologist and head of a research laboratory group at the Center for Medical Research at the JKU Faculty of Medicine (head: Prof. Wolfgang Högler). The Egyptian-born researcher studies the molecular mechanism of bone diseases with increased fragility, also referred to as brittle bone disease.