Award for JKU Researcher in Economics

The 2020 JSR Best Paper Award has been presented to Alexander Zauner for a paper titled "Wert und Nutzen aus Kundensicht".

Alexander Zauner
Alexander Zauner

The paper by Alexander Zauner (Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing) and co-authors Valarie A. Zeithaml, Katrien Verleye, Isabella Hatak and Monika Koller focuses on an issue that has experienced enormous growth over the past decades, namely value or benefit from the customer's perspective. Corresponding publications were reviewed and explored in detail in an effort to comprehensively integrate and analyze the research. Three different paradigms were identified and described, namely the positivist, interpretivist, and social constructivist.

The paper was published in the Journal of Service Research (JSR) and recently named a 2020 JSR Best Paper.

The JKU economist is pleased about the award and remarked: "We are thrilled to have been named the 2020 Best Paper by the Journal of Service Research! We believe that in a digital world, companies in particular need to consistently deliver value in order to engage people. Creating relationships that have value - and not just rational transactions (money for product) - is important for both sides. We - and by that, I mean a team of outstanding academics - seem to have a perspective that is putting us on the right track and the award reflects the validity of our work."