The Institute of Economics Presents Special Honors

Special honors: The Institute of Economics presents awards in recognition of outstanding papers during 2021.


Papers published in leading international refereed journals are of particular importance in academia and in 2021, there were again extremely interesting papers focusing on important socio-economic issues. Department head Rudolf Winter-Ebmer emphasized that "… these publication awards are presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in research. The papers also reflect the fact that members at the institute not only have access to an impressive international network, but they are also successful in addressing important economic and socio-political issues in a sound, methodological manner ranging from how to curb binge drinking among teens and taxing inheritances and international companies to the importance of gender when collaborating in research."

The award winners (those in bold are members at the Institute of Economics):

Lorenzo Ductor, Sanjeev Goyal, Anja Prummer. 2021.
“Gender and Collaboration”. The Review of Economics and Statistics

Ulrich Glogowsky, 2021.
“Behavioral Responses to Inheritance and Gift Taxation: Evidence from Germany”, opens an external URL in a new window. Journal of Public Economics, Vol 193

Lisandra Flach, Michael Irlacher, Florian Unger, 2019.
"Corporate Taxes and Multi-Product Exporters: Theory and Evidence from Trade Dynamics.", opens an external URL in a new window Journal of International Economics, 2021, 132C, 103515

Gerald Pruckner, Nicole Schneeweis, Thomas Schober, Martina Zweimüller, 2021.
“Birth Order, Parental Health Investment, and Health in Childhood”, opens an external URL in a new window. Journal of Health Economics, Vol 76, 2021

Bernhard Schmidpeter, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, 2021.
“Automation, Unemployment, and the Role of Labor Market Training”, opens an external URL in a new window. European Economic Review, Vol. 137

Alexander Ahammer, Martin Halla, Stefan Bauernschuster, Hannah Lachenmaier, 2021.
„Minimum Legal Drinking Age and the Social Gradient in Binge Drinking“, opens an external URL in a new window. Journal of Health Economics