Bike to Work: Third Place for the JKU

Employees at the Johannes Kepler University pedaled themselves physically fit and racked up 11,814 kilometers cycling work during “Bike to Work” month in May.

The impressive results placed the JKU third.  Over 154 companies and organizations throughout Upper Austria took part in the annual “Bike to Work” campaign. The JKU ranked 8th place nationwide.

Cycling is a popular sport, providing plenty of healthy exercise. The 9th annual “Race Across Upper Austria” recently kicked off from the JKU campus and featured special scoring for JKU employees. This year, JKU employees managed to cycle 1,000 kms more than last year’s “Bike to Work” campaign. In the Austrian ranking, the JKU advanced four places.

Nationwide, this year's participants pedaled over 3.03 million kilometers, saving the environment from over 480 tons of CO2.