Catalysis Elite at the JKU

Over 20 distinguished scientists were at the JKU to address important and current issues in the field of catalysis.

The conference was organized by the Institute for Catalysis (INCA) together with JKU institutes in chemistry and polymer engineering and the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT). Catalysis is a phenomenon that plays a key role in our everyday lives (such as catalytic converters, enzymes) as well as in industrial and academic research. Catalysis is central to addressing current and future challenges.

LIKAT Director Prof. Matthias Beller held presentation that focused on the “big” questions such as linking homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis research. 15 other speakers held 30-minute presentations focusing on current issues ranging from asymmetric catalysis in, for example, the production of active agents, alternative methods to produce synthesis gas, catalysis in energy production and storage, and presentged polymers and new analytical methods. A poster session was held in the evening.