Collective JKU Expertise: Second Place at the Greiner Hackathon

The JKU team won an impressive second place at the “Greiner Ideation Hackathon for Printed Electronics”..

Christoph Beisteiner, a former faculty member at the JKU’s Institute of Measurement Technology, and Dominik Hofer (Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, JKU) competed against 14 international teams. The teams were required to develop concepts pertaining to “Business Models for Plastics with Printed Electronics” for Greiner products. As a mechatronics engineer at the JKU, Christoph Beisteiner developed ink jet printed, low-cost sensor solutions and acquired hands-on experience in the field of energy harvesting. As a measurement technician, his former colleague Dominik Hofer was the perfect addition to the team.