Crypto-Asset Symposium

Financial assessments and legal classification.

On June 14, 2019, over 100 participants in the ceremony room at the Johannes Kepler University attended a crypto-assets symposium organized by the Institute of Banking Law.

During his opening remarks, JKU Rector Lukas emphasized the importance of the topic from a practical perspective as well as with regard to current research priorities at the JKU. He thanked Prof. Silvia Dullinger, Board Chairperson at the Institute of Banking Law, for organizing the symposium and for her many years of commitment and dedication to support collaboration between academia and practicing companies in the field of banking law.

Following three presentations by Dr. Marc Schütt (VKB), Prof. Teodoro Cocca (JKU) and Prof. Christian Piska (University of Vienna), Dr. Michael Magerl moderated a panel discussion featuring Helmut Ettl (FMA), Dr. Petra Leupold (VKI), JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas, GD Heinrich Schaller (RLB OÖ), and Prof. Silvia Dullinger.

The debate focused on legal classification issues and the legal framework of crypto-assets from the perspective of a financial market supervising board, the banking industry, consumer protection, and general civil law.

Overall, the symposium reiterated that issues pertaining to crypto-assets pose difficult challenges, especially when it comes to key legal areas.