The First "Long Night of Writing" at the JKU

Approximately 100 students turned night into day yesterday at the JKU’s new Learning Center on campus.

Student at the "Long Night of Writing"
Student at the "Long Night of Writing"

Students took advantage of a unique opportunity to write together as well as receive tips and advice about better academic writing, particularly in regard to theses and term papers.

Between 6:00 PM and 2 AM, the new Learning Center on the JKU campus was a hotbed of activity as the library hosted the very first "Long Night of Writing" at the JKU. The program was diverse, ranging from finding the right resources and materials and ‘writing yoga’ to overcoming writer’s block.

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas remarked: "During a time when there was more of a digital connection between students and their university, it is more important than ever before to provide a special educational opportunity directly on campus. Our new Learning Center is an outstanding location in this regard. Unlike the library, the Learning Center is not a place where one has to be quiet; this fantastic new space has been designed to support communication, especially as part of study groups. To help, we also offer tutorial support. The 'Long Night of Writing' is just the start."

JKU Vice-Rector Stefan Koch stopped by the event to chat with students and added: "Due to having to resort to remote learning in lieu of the pandemic, many students experienced writer’s block and felt all alone in their situation. The 'Long Night of Writing' was created in an effort to help and inspire students to write, especially toward the end of the semester."

The "proprietor" of the Learning Center & head of the Main Campus Library, Dr. Susanna Casagranda, emphasized: "Writing is a part of studying. In order to write a good academic paper, however, you not only need professional expertise, but also enthusiasm for the subject, the right ‘tools’, such as citation rules and resources to find materials, as well as a cool, calm attitude and approach. We tried to convey all of this to JKU students during the 'Long Night of Writing'."

When the doors at the Learning Center closed at 2:00 AM, participating students not only had plenty of tips and advice, but also a JKU swag bag - including goodies from the new Thalia store located at the Learning Center - and hopefully lots of motivation to write the next term paper or thesis.

The "Long Night of Writing" took place in accordance with current Austrian “3G Regulations” (vaccinated, tested, or recovered) and all participants were required to adhere to all safety protocols and measures in place.