JKU Researcher has been Cited 10,000 Times

Economics expert Rudolf Winter-Ebmer is acknowledged as having a major impact on the research community.

Prof. Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Prof. Rudolf Winter-Ebmer

Prof. Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, the head of the Kurt Rothschild School of Economics and Statistics, is pleased about the high level of international recognition. His research has already been cited by over 10,000 authors worldwide. Google Scholar totals citations in online-accessible publications. Prof. Winter-Ebmer remarked: "If you think about it, it's incredible that 10,000 economists have read my work,” he grinned and jokingly added, “Or perhaps maybe they just cited it without reading it." Research paper citations are considered a gauge in regard to a paper’s scholarly significance of the scientific importance of the work, in addition to the attention paid to it by the research community. The h-index indicates that Winter-Ebmer has written 47 papers that have been cited a minimum of 47 times.

His most cited papers address how unemployment impacts crime, the international gender wage gap, and mechanisms to provide public goods.

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