HR Start-Up Company TeamEcho: 1.3 Million Euros for a Better Work Environment

Employees should enjoy going to work and Linz-based HR tech start-up, TeamEcho, has taken the idea to heart.

F.l: Markus Kobmüller, David Schellander
F.l: Markus Kobmüller, David Schellander

The new company also recently procured financing in the amount of 1.3 million euros to further develop ‘smart employee feedback’ software designed to improve communication, provide a higher sense of community and drive among employees, and give management more clarity, even during challenging situations. The Linz-based HR tech start-up company, TeamEcho, aims to provide smart employee feedback solutions. JKU Assoc. Univ. Prof. Barbara Stiglbauer is also involved as head of research. TeamEcho provides a continually updated ‘mood indicator’ of the work environment aimed at identifying any issues as they arise in an attempt to find preventive solutions together.

We spoke with JKU alumni and TeamEcho co-founder, Markus Koblmüller.

How did your JKU degree help you?
Markus Koblmüller: My degree in social economics and business at the JKU was most certainly a strong foundation to pursue a career and create TeamEcho. I believe that the combination of various disciplines in social sciences was particularly helpful to create a company that can analyze social issues in a holistic way and ultimately come up with creative solutions

Would you recommend studying at the JKU for those who wish to start their own business?
Markus Koblmüller: If someone aims to start their own business, I would definitely recommend studying at the JKU as you not only acquire a solid professional foundation, but also because of the start-up company scene that has developed at the JKU.

Did you receive support services at the JKU?
Markus Koblmüller: I was constantly in touch with the start-up consulting team at the JKU, especially with David Böhm and Gerold Weiß. They provided a great deal of support during my initial entrepreneurial attempts.