Digital Stress - Discontentment to Depression

Findings from a study about digital stress showed there is less fear of AI but more fear of exhaustion and health problems.

Digitaler Stress macht krank. Credit: „Andrea Piacquadio“ von Pexels
Digitaler Stress macht krank. Credit: „Andrea Piacquadio“ von Pexels

The computer isn’t doing what you want it to? You had the twelve trillionth video conference call today? For many users, digitization means one thing above everything else: Stress. A large study headed by Prof. Dr. René Riedl (Institute for Information Systems) surveyed 3,333 people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Prof. Riedl summarized: "Digital stress is not a myth, it exists and it's affecting younger people in particular - especially men." Digital stress can lead to emotional exhaustion, job dissatisfaction, and even depression.

Many of those surveyed indicated they have no fear being replaced by an AI. A higher level of education and a good working environment at the company can counteract some of the negative effects. It has also been shown that demographic factors are related to digital stress.

A book has now been published about the study. Click here to learn more. Another piece of good advice: You don't have to answer each and every e-mail right away. In between it all, just take a minute and breathe.

NEWS 14.10.2020