Dr. Dionys Lehner Donates € 1 Million to the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Support of Oncology Research

The Johannes Kepler University Linz and the Faculty of Medicine are deeply honored and greatly appreciate the generosity.

Oncology Professor Schmitt
Oncology Professor Schmitt

Dr. Dionys Lehner (former CEO of Linz Textil) has donated one million euros to the JKU. These funds will be available to the chair of hematologist and internal oncologist, Prof. Clemens Schmitt, to support cancer research. Dr. Lehner's donation will increase the research budget and be used for base-knowledge research in the field of cancer therapy. € 250,000 will be made available for the first project.

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas thanked Dr. Dionys Lehner on behalf of the JKU: "A donation of this kind to support base-knowledge research is something special, not only for the JKU but for Austria’s entire educational landscape. These funds will help to push research projects forward – research that can actively shape cancer research developments for years to come. We would be delighted if Dr. Lehner's generous donation would serve as a role model. In England and in the USA, large areas of university research are financed through private donations. That, too, is what also makes the field of higher education competitive."

Dr Lehner remarked: "People in business are able to see just where investment is needed. And this also applies to base-knowledge research in medicine. Thanks solely to this kind of research, more and more people can survive cancer. I personally enjoy making a positive difference and contributing to oncology research at the new JKU Faculty of Medicine in Linz."