Can We Ask … Just How Much can AI Think?

We’re young, so we can: Gregor has asked our researchers to answer some of your questions!

Günter Klambauer
Günter Klambauer

Our campaign invites you to ask us your questions! And we've collected quite a few, meaning it's time to answer them now. The first question is a fairly tricky one: Just how much can artificial intelligence think?

Good question. Gregor spoke with Günter Klambauer, a researcher at the JKU's Institute for Machine Learning, who is currently exploring this very question. He has, for example, developed an AI capable of precisely predicting floods, and another AI that can rapidly screen billions of molecules in a very short period of time and determine how effective they are against pathogens. But can these programs think? Or just perform calculations? Or perhaps a little bit of both?

Find out!

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