A Celebration of Diversity and International Perspectives

The JKU also took part in Business Upper Austria's “Summer Festival” at the Tabakfabrik in Linz.

F.l.: Koch, Heller; photo credit: CityFoto
F.l.: Koch, Heller; photo credit: CityFoto

Over 250 guests from around the world came together to enjoy the event and talk about important issues of our time, including diversity and an international outlook. JKU Rector Stefan Koch also took to the podium: "20% of the 24,000 students enrolled at the JKU are international students. These students are a source of diversity and bring in new perspectives at our university. To attract students from around the world, we need English-language degree programs. Our Artificial Intelligence degree program, for example, has grown exponentially. The important aspect here is to educate people to meet the demands of tomorrow, rather than those of today."

Positive Impressions and a Warm Reception
Sophie Zerrouki (USA) is currently completing an exchange program at the JKU as well as an internship at the Business Upper Austria relocation agency. She described her experiences: "Before coming to Upper Austria, I was understandably very nervous but thanks to all of my positive experiences, that quickly disappeared! I felt very warmly welcomed. I only have one month left in Upper Austria and there is still so much to do and see!"

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