Equal Rights: City of Linz’ Second Women’s Report


A report by the Institute of Women’s Studies and Gender Research (JKU) reiterated the need for action when it comes to gender equality.

Gruppenfoto vierer Frauen

Even though our society strives to create equality between the sexes, reality is often a different story. Written under the supervision of Univ. Prof. Dr. Doris Weichselbaumer (JKU), authors Mag. Julia Schuster PhD, Theresa Fitz MSc, BA, Leonie Kapfer, MA and Timo Kapelari BSc presented an updated women’s report that builds on the initial report. City council woman Mag. Eva Schobesberger (Women’s Affairs, Linz) requested the report.

The report not only highlights problems, but also serves as a basis for political action. The report provides important information about policies for gender equality as well as a basis to focus on making political decisions.

Some of the findings:

  • On average, women in Linz earn 60.6% less than a man’s average income. The gender pay gap is 39.4%.
  • Even if only comparing full-time income, on average, women in Upper Austria earn over a quarter less (26.1%) than men.
  • 90% of employed women work in the service sector (men: 69%).
  • 48% of employed women work part-time.