Everyday Heroes - Those Keeping the Campus Operational

Although the Coronavirus has everyone on edge, behind-the-scenes employees, such as Sabine Schützeneder (mailroom), continue to work against the backdrop of a closed campus.

Sabine Schützender and colleagues
Sabine Schützender and colleagues

Has there been more or less work in the mailroom?

Sabine Schützeneder: There is definitely less mail. It was busier during the first week, now we have noticed quite an extreme difference. At the moment, we are delivering packages daily. The mail is delivered once or twice a week. And, of course, we make sure mail is sent out daily.

What has changed for you in regards to the measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus?

Sabine Schützeneder: Everything has changed. Our regular routine has been literally turned upside down. But now, for all of us, it means stay at home whenever possible. That's how we can help.

How does a closed campus affect your everyday life away from work?

Sabine Schützeneder: Very strongly. Not being able to meet up with co-workers, friends and family in person, especially during Easter, was not easy. But we are hanging in there - after all, we have a great sense of responsibility as human lives are at stake.

Are you looking forward to normal campus operations again or rather enjoying the peace and quiet on campus?

Sabine Schützeneder: That’s easy: I'm very much looking forward to normal campus operations again! I prefer a lively campus teeming with people and activities!

About Sabine Schützeneder

Age: 35

Lives in: Gutau