Fast Track Admission to Law School

Beginning in the coming academic year, the JKU will introduce a new admissions procedure to study law. The new procedure is unique in Austria.

Prospective students wishing to study law in Linz will be required to first take a type of online “aptitude” test. The test will help prospective students make a better, more well-formed decision about studying law. After passing the test, students will be admitted to the law degree program without any further hurdles. The so-called ‘fast track admission’ to law school begins May 1 and gives students a guaranteed spot in the law degree program. Test results will be announced at regular intervals, making it possible to be admitted until early fall. There is no acceptance quota for places in the program. Anyone interested is welcome to take the test. The new selection procedure is based on a similar one given at the renowned Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany.

NEWS 07.02.2019