First EMOS-Certified Graduate in the Master’s Degree Program in "Statistics"

Congratulations to groundbreaker Nadja Lendle, MSc. as the first EMOS-certified graduate in statistics.

von links: Institutsvorstand Werner Müller, Absolventin Nadja Lendle, EMOS-Repräsentant des Instituts für Angewandte Statistik Andreas Quatember.
f.l.: Department Head Werner Müller, graduate Nadja Lendle, EMOS representative at the Institute of Applied Statistics, Andreas Quatember

In order to become EMOS certified, Ms. Lendle completed a required internship at Statistik Austria in addition to her studies and writing her graduate thesis on the subject of official statistics. Officials at Statistik Austria highly praised her efforts saying the JKU graduate consistently exceeded expectations. Prof. Andreas Quatember acknowledged the unusual praise and remarked, "This is also a strong testament to education at the JKU."

Ms. Lendle’s thesis titled: "Effects of Different Methods on 'At Risk of Poverty' Rate in EU-SILC" focused on data quality when estimating at-risk-of-poverty rates in EU countries.

Currently 32 graduate degree programs in 19 countries are EMOS certified. Nadja Lendle duly celebrated her academic success at JKU in November.