Fridays 4 Future @JKU: Global Day of Action Focused on the Climate

As an increasing number of people are campaigning for change and trying to hinder our climate from changing too much, too fast, the JKU wants to make its contribution to the movement.

Eindrücke von Fridays 4 Future @JKU
Eindrücke von Fridays 4 Future @JKU

September 24: The climate strike took place around the world as well as in Linz and at the JKU. Whether at a "Cooking with Waste " class or attending a presentation by futurologist Tristan Horx, events on campus focused on action to protect the climate.

One thing is certain: Our climate is unbalanced. And it is high time to take what may be the last chance before our climate collapses. Every contribution to support and protecting our climate counts.

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