Carmen Kainz Wins Gold and Silver at World University Games

The 21-year-old JKU law student took home two medals from the games in Lake Placid.

Carmen Kainz in Lake Placid
Carmen Kainz in Lake Placid

11 days, 46 nations, and 540 universities – and along with them, snowboarder and JKU student Carmen Kainz. After winning silver in the parallel giant slalom, she went on to win gold in the parallel slalom final. We spoke with Carmen about the atmosphere on location and how she combines studying with high-performance sports.

What was your experience in the competition like, especially the races?
Carmen Kainz: It was a very well-organized event, something I have never experienced at an event of this size and it was also broadcast live! A few days before, my training sessions were less than ideal. I started the competition without any expectations but it all went well right from the start.

What did it feel like when you crossed the finish line?
Carmen Kainz: I was incredibly happy, especially that I was able to finally demonstrate my abilities and show just what I can do. Knowing that I can be faster than my rivals in the European Cup is extremely important, especially when it comes to upcoming competitions.

How will you celebrate at home?
Carmen Kainz: The celebrations will have to wait for now as on Tuesday, I'll be back home and on Wednesday, I'm off to Carinthia to train with the European Cup group. The next competition there is already on Saturday.

How do you find time to study law at the JKU?
Carmen Kainz: If not for MultiMedia Law degree program, balancing competitive sports and law studies would be extremely difficult.

How do you balance your studies and training? Do you have any advice?
Carmen Kainz: At the moment, I am focusing more on competitive snowboarding and I want to be part of the Olympic team at the 2026 Olympic games! It's difficult to do both well, so I say focus on one for now, and the go all out with your studies during the summer!

Does the JKU provide any support services?
Carmen Kainz: The JKU is there to support me whenever I have questions and they always try to find the best possible approach. I think that's super.

What’s next for you?
Carmen Kainz: Right now, I am focusing on the upcoming European Cup races and showing just what I’m capable of.

About Carmen Kainz

Carmen Kainz (21) is from Bruck an der Mur in Styria. Her hobbies include kitesurfing, strength sports, and, of course, snowboarding. She is currently enrolled in the JKU’s MultiMedia Law degree program.