Grand Opening of the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab

A demonstration of a live computer hack showed just why it is important to have a Secure and Correct Systems Lab.

Grand Opening of the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab at the LIT OIC.
Grand Opening of the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab at the LIT OIC.

Using his professor’s access information, Daniel Hofer hacked into the grading system and gave himself an “A” for a certain class. While this made for an amusing opening and was the source of many surprised faces at grand opening of the JKU Secure and Correct Systems Lab, the hack showed just why these kinds of labs are so important.

Professor Robert Wille, Lab Director, explained: "When it comes to the digital world, secure and correct systems can only exist if we look at their use and design from all angles. The LIT Secure and Correct System Lab is an international platform bringing participating technology experts, engineers, and programmers together." Some security issues are more of a physical nature whereas others are software issues and others are hardware-related. "The digital world is complex because there are so many possibilities. Telling consumers ‘take care of security by yourself’ is not enough. The systems have to be created with security features."

Professor René Mayrhofer, Lab Director, also emphasized the fact that complexity is a big challenge when it comes to security issues. "Upper Austria is a location of business so it is also a question of location. As there are many different kinds of industries here, these companies all have very different requirements and issues and – rightly so - everyone expects solutions to their problems.”

In addition to Daniel Hofer’s live hack demonstration, Barbara Lehner and Michael Riegler held a presentation about their current research and findings. Lehner talked about the challenges of quantum computers and answers needed in regards to security and Riegler spoke about security issues pertaining to smart homes. Markus Achleitner, member of the State Parliament, and JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas opened the event and welcomed over 150 invited guests.