Canoe Polo on the University Pond

Canoe polo is taking the JKU campus by storm! Read on to learn more about this unique sport.

Canoe Polo at the University Pond
Canoe Polo at the University Pond

Have you ever heard of canoe polo? No? Then it's high time as UKRV Schnecke Linz will begin training on the university pond every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7 pm. Also known as kayak polo, each team of five players use a ball and compete to score in their opponents’ goal which is suspended above the water.
It’s wet, fun, and you are more than welcome to try it out for yourself. Courses in how to play the game or try it for yourself can be arranged in advance.

And the ducks? Naturally they will be taken into consideration. Games and training sessions will not take place during March, which is the main breeding season so the open water will fully accessible to all of the water birds.

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