JKU Researcher Presented with a Venia Legendi/Habilitation Certificate

Vice-Rector Alberta Bonanni presented Yoojin Oh with her venia legendi/habilitation certificate.

F.l.: Yoojin Oh, Alberta Bonanni
F.l.: Yoojin Oh, Alberta Bonanni

Yoojin Oh conducts research at the Institute of Biophysics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Her post-doctoral dissertation titled "Bindungsmechanismen mikrobieller Krankheitserreger auf Einzelmolekülebene" focuses on advancing the understanding of the detailed molecular mechanisms underlying bacterial interaction and the development of biofilm pathogenicity. The newly acquired understanding is to support the development of antibacterial drugs to fight against pathogen-related diseases and to detect highly sensitive pathogenicity.

Those pursuing a habilitation/post-doc undergo an academic evaluation in regard to special qualifications that proves their ability to independently conduct academic/scientific research and teach the entire depth and breadth of their selected subject area [facultas docendi], This, in turn, is the prerequisite to grant authorization to teach that particular subject area [venia legendi].

About Yoojin Oh

Yoojin Oh is a project leader (an Elise Richter fellow) at the JKU’s Institute of Biophysics. She earned her PhD in condensed matter physics in 2009 at Ewha Womans University (Seoul, Korea) and has been the recipient of several prestigious grants, such as the Elise Richter (FWF), APART (ÖAW), and Marie Curie Incoming (EU).

Her research focuses on using a range of nanoscopic and microscopic techniques to explore biomaterials and their nanometric properties. She is particularly interested in microbial systems to establish interdisciplinary, medical-oriented research by incorporating engineering, condensed matter and biophysics, microscopy, and microbiology. She has authored over 40 academic papers.

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