Hello, JKU! New Professors at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business

There are new faces at some of the institutes at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business! One of these new faces is JKU professor Waldemar Kremser.

Professor Waldemar Kremser
Professor Waldemar Kremser

Prof. Kremser has been at the JKU Institute for Strategic Management since February 1 and is responsible for "Strategy and Foresight".

What is your area of research?
Waldemar Kremser: I am conducting quite a lot of research in the area of "time/temporality". My current research focuses on agile forms of organization and tapping into the potential of empirical analysis for digital traces.

What is Strategy and Foresight about?
Waldemar Kremser: It is about how organizations can develop a competitive advantage (strategy) as well as how they can actively tap into potentially viable future scenarios (foresight).

Why did you choose to come to the JKU?
Waldemar Kremser: I am very much looking forward to working with my colleagues at the JKU Business School. I was also ready to move back home after ten years abroad.

What do you find particularly fascinating about this area?
Waldemar Kremser: Everything.

Why is this research even necessary, meaning how will it improve our lives?
Waldemar Kremser: Like all good research in organizational sciences, it will hopefully help people better understand their own lives and work environments and - building on this better understanding of their personal circumstances - make decisions enabling them to attain their own goals more effectively so they fit better into the ‘bigger picture’.

Why should students take your classes?
Waldemar Kremser: Because they will find intellectual support and be challenged in a collegial atmosphere at the crossroads between Humboldt's educational ideals and the Bologna process.

What are you currently working on?
Waldemar Kremser: I am currently conducting research on agile organizational forms and am also trying to tap into the potential of empirical analysis for digital traces for myself.

What are your hobbies?
Waldemar Kremser: My work is my hobby.

What else do you want to do or achieve in your life?
Waldemar Kremser: To be able to experience as many happy moments as possible - as consciously and intentionally as possible - together with my fellow human beings.


About Waldemar Kremser

Born in Vienna in 1981, Waldemar Kremser initially trained as a cook, waiter, and hotel administrator. He earned his Master's degree in sociology at the University of Vienna and graduated summa cum laude from the DFG Research Training Group Pathways of Organizational Processes at the FU-Berlin in 2016. Between 2016 and 2022 he was at Radboud University (Netherlands), conducting research in the areas of open strategy, path dependency, routine dynamics, complexity, and digitalization. He has been a professor at the Institute of Strategic Management at the JKU since February 2022.