Hello, JKU! The New Professors at the SOWI Faculty

There are new faces at SOWI Faculty institutes. One of these new JKU faculty members is Prof. Ulrich Glogowsky.

Professor Ulrich Glogowsky
Professor Ulrich Glogowsky

Ulrich Glogowsky is a professor at the Institute of Economics. We spoke with him about why well-intentioned laws to support gender equality often have the opposite effect - and why he will soon have little to no time for hobbies.

What is your area of research?
Ulrich Glogowsky: I conduct research in the area of "Public Economics" and "Behavioral Economics". More specifically, I study the impact of policy measures (such as tax policies or family policies) on individual behavior, inequality, and government revenues. I am also interested in whether or not - and to what extent – psychological insight and behavioral economics can be utilized to create effective policy measures. My goal is to use empirical and experimental methods to develop transparent and concrete implications to create the best ways to draft policies.

What do you find particularly fascinating about this area?
Ulrich Glogowsky: I am fascinated by the socio-political and real-world relevance of my subject area: State intervention affects millions of people. I also enjoy the privilege of being able to work on issues that have a direct influence on aspects of daily life.

What are you currently working on?
Ulrich Glogowsky: I am currently very interested in the way family policies influence gender equality. Compared to men, women suffer dramatic income loss after having a baby ("child penalties"). One of my current papers suggests that family policy measures in this context do not always have the desired outcome. For example, extending parental leave in Germany seems to have contributed to an increase in child penalties.

Why is this research even necessary, meaning how will it improve our lives?
Ulrich Glogowsky: In order to create successful economic policy, evaluating the impact of political interventions is a basic prerequisite. The above-mentioned issue is an example of this. In order to put my work into practice, I collaborate with tax administrations, churches and universities (and am constantly looking for new cooperation partners).

Why did you choose to come to the JKU, in other words, what makes the JKU so special?
Ulrich Glogowsky: The Institute of Economics is a leading institute in Austria, especially in the area of applied microeconomics and applying corresponding econometric methods. As I work with microeconometric methods myself, there are direct connections to my new colleagues. In addition, the research infrastructure is ideal as, for example, data access is outstanding and will be further expanded by creating a new "Data Lab" as part of the new "Kurt Rothschild School of Economics & Statistics". 

Why should students take your classes?
Ulrich Glogowsky: I focus on research-led, real-world, and internationally-oriented educational content. I combine discussions about theoretical foundations with empirical research findings and what we know in regards to the institutional background. My students are also given the opportunity to conduct small research projects themselves.

What are your hobbies?
Ulrich Glogowsky: I had all kinds of hobbies in the past, however beginning January 15, 2021, all of my attention will be focused on being a dad.

What else do you want to do or achieve in your life?
Ulrich Glogowsky: I tend to think in smaller steps and phases. I see my next professional goal at the JKU. I would like to expand my research focus in "Public Economics" and make it even more internationally visible. Personally, of course, there is always a lot to do and it starts on a smaller scale. For example, there is my love of gourmet food and fine dining.