Introducing Our Involved and Active JKU Employees

During the night of December 13, the EU countries agreed on a compromise regarding the climate protection goals for 2050. Many JKU researchers are also actively committed to protecting the climate.

Physiker Dominik Kreil
JKU Physicist Dominik Kreil

We would like to introduce one of them: JKU physicist Dominik Kreil.

What exactly do you do at the JKU (in other words, what is your area of research)?

I conduct research at the Department for Many Particle Systems at the Institute for Theoretical Physics where we focus on complex interactions between a vast number of electrons. Starting at three particles it becomes complicated, but the goal is to study over 10^11 electrons. It is important for us to understand how these electrons interact, resulting in a whole potpourri of fascinating effects. These are the foundations for modern technologies that enable faster, more energy-efficient computer components.

Why are you committed to protecting the climate?

Unfortunately, climate change is not a phenomenon only being discussed over the past few months - it has been a topic for years now. As I enjoy the outdoors - be it hiking or cycling - it is important to me that our beautiful world exists for everyone, young and old alike. Over the past few years and as an academic and scientist, I want to make my personal contribution.

Why do you think the climate referendum is so important?

In short, because as individuals we unfortunately have little or no influence in many areas. The climate referendum (Klimavolksbegehren) aims to unite forces and build bridges! We are laying a cornerstone for Austria's broadest climate alliance and everyone can be a part of it. The more people who sign the petition, the greater the pressure on politicians to make sure of the true costs in regards to environmental protection and thus improve the quality of life for many - if not all - people.

As a physicist, what is your advice as to what each of us can do daily in support of a better climate?

There are several different levels when it comes to supporting climate protection. On the highest level (politics, industry...), our influence is limited and this is why we have the climate referendum. On the personal level, I think there is enough information in books and online to learn more about we can do every day as individuals. However, just re-thinking our consumer habits can take us a long way. When shopping, I try to ask myself regularly: "Is this really necessary?", "What do I want to spend my time doing?", and "What makes me happy?”.  This takes the hecticness and stress out of everyday life and suddenly you will find that you're living a more climate-friendly life!

How old are you and what are your hobbies?

I am 31 years old and over the past few years, my interests have expanded greatly. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, mostly basketball and unicycling. To balance my busy life out, I love to cook and bake! I have to admit, however, that because of my work at the university and my work with the climate referendum, there has not been much time for hobbies. Finally, I would like to ask everyone to please sign the climate referendum. Signatures will be accepted to the end of December at any city or town hall, or simply via a digital signature or using your citizen card.