Every Man. Every Woman. Every Person.

The JKU's new diversity campaign.

Diversity campaign slogan. Photo credit: JKU
Diversity campaign slogan. Photo credit: JKU

The Johannes Kepler University Linz is turning this year's Salzburg Festspielsommer into a stage to support diversity by displaying posters and an online slogan throughout the city of Salzburg in an effort to send a strong message in support of diversity and equal opportunities. The new campaign began on July 12 and was inspired by the Manifest #ActOut., opens an external URL in a new window

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas explained: "This JKU campaign was designed to initiate dialogue, engaging everyone visiting this particular ‘world stage’ this summer. The topic of diversity needs to be addressed at this type of larger venue and we consider initiating this type of discourse part of our social responsibility as a university. Inspired by the #ActOut manifesto, we intend support this campaign and illustrate the fact that diversity strengthens us and we all benefit from it in the end."

However, welcoming diverse individuals, exemplifying plurality of convictions and different life plans is far more than empty words here at the JKU. Rector Lukas added: "The JKU aims to demonstrate its high regard for everyone, regardless of gender identity, those with and without disabilities, those from Austria or elsewhere in the world... Together, we are the JKU and we bring our different, individual strengths and weaknesses to the university. Whether as students, educators, or in administration, there is space for everyone at the JKU and together we want to create the best university we can for everyone."

This is also what the JKU's Diversity Strategy, opens an external URL in a new window stands for. A team at the Office of Gender & Diversity Management has been tasked with implementing a participative policy process that fosters a dynamic and diversity-oriented academic, learning, and work environment.  

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