JKU Chemist Presented with Two Awards

Dr. Lisa Emhofer was presented with two awards in recognition for her outstanding dissertation.

Chemikerin Lisa Emhofer bei der Preisverleihung
Chemikerin Lisa Emhofer bei der Preisverleihung

During the 18th annual Austrian Chemistry Days in Linz, Dr. Lisa Emhofer, a graduate of the Institute for Analytical Chemistry, was called on the stage twice to receive awards. She was awarded the "Förderungspreis für Chemie der Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker (GÖCH)" for her dissertation about the interactions between plants and environmental pollutants (an emerging new field of research at the crossroads of food and environmental analysis). She was subsequently also presented with the Young Analysts Prize of the Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry, a publication produced as part of her dissertation. Congratulations!

NEWS 04.10.2019