JKU Doctoral Candidate Wins Award at “Best of Science Call”

JKU doctoral candidate Georg Weissenböck was presented with an award at the “Best of Science Call”.

Dr. Weissenböck wrote his dissertation titled “Wissensgeschichte der Sojabohne in Österreich 1870-1950” under the supervision of the Institute for Social and Economic History (JKU). His presentation to the jury at the Research and Education Association in Lower Austria (NFB) focused on the current soy trend and its precursor as early as the late 19th century and early 20th century as business and the government searched for ways to avoid integrating beans from the Far East into the Western agricultural and food system.

In addition to history, Dr. Weissenböck also studied agricultural biology. As one of three submitted dissertations, his academic work came in second and was honored for “having great benefit for the general public”. See www.nfb.at, opens an external URL in a new window for detailed information.