JKU Faculty of Medicine: New Department Chair and Professor of Internal Medicine

Beginning in November 2020, Prof. Alexander Moschen will head the Department of Internal Medicine at the JKU’s Faculty of Medicine.

Univ.-Prof. Alexander Moschen

The Tyrol native will manage the University Department of Internal Medicine, focusing on gastroenterology/hepatology at the Kepler University Hospital.

Prof. Moschen remarked: "The combination of medical care, research, and education comes naturally to me as I believe this is what university medicine is all about. I look forward to both clinical work and my academic activities at the Kepler University Hospital. Bringing a young, motivated team together will be an exciting and important process." His last position was at the University Department for Internal Medicine I of the Medical University of Innsbruck. Prof. Moschen added: "I will make every effort to make advances at the JKU in the areas entrusted to me, especially gastroenterology, which is my area of expertise. At KUK I want to create a collaboration hub in terms of medical care, research and teaching."

Research Focus on Gastroenterology
Prof. Moschen's area of expertise in gastroenterology focuses on inflammation biology in the gastrointestinal tract. His research looks at mechanisms that - based on a hereditary predisposition and under the influence of environmental and micro-biomic factors - lead to the development of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
"I plan on transferring current base-knowledge research projects at my Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mucosal Immunology over to the JKU. My team and I have made great progress in the field of microbiome research over the past few years and I look forward to continue expanding this area. As a clinician, I am interested in both clinical-translational base-knowledge research and health care research and I hope that creating a 'Competence Center for Inflammation Medicine' will ultimately help many in Upper Austria and other provinces."

A Love of Teaching Medicine
Universities have always been considered a refuge for learning, and outstanding education is a core foundation for every university. Prof. Moschen not only wants to give his students "state-of-the-art" insight into digestive tract medicine, but also convey the joy of learning about medicine. The JKU Faculty of Medicine’s interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes a supportive and encouraging environment to learn and study. Prof. Moschen added: "We can best invest in the university's future by supporting and training gifted students early on. As head of a medical department and in addition to teaching responsibilities, I am responsible for educating and training physicians the best I can. Developing a fair, transparent and structured program is very important to me in order to ensure Upper Austria remains an attractive location of medicine. Most challenging - and perhaps the most important aspect of the medical profession is, in my opinion - 'the art of healing for the individual'. As each person is unique, a physician never stops learning."

Christine Haberlander, Deputy Governor of Upper Austria and Health Minister emphasized: "Innovative medical thinking, a willingness to take up and develop new treatment methods and technologies, as well as integrating them well into the patient treatment process are incredibly important if we here in Upper Austria want to be at the cutting-edge to benefit of our patients. I believe that Prof. Alexander Moschen’s appointment means we have a new member of the Faculty of Medicine who will contribute greatly to everything we believe in."

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas said: "During the appointment procedure, Prof. Alexander Moschen stood out as a professional expert with a straightforward manner and strong personable skills. Patients will benefit greatly as he is an outstanding and empathetic medical professional and the faculty has a highly-qualified researcher and educator. Appointing a department chair for Internal Medicine is an important step toward expanding and growing the Faculty of Medicine. I am pleased to have Prof. Alexander Moschen on board as a new professor who not only focuses on his patients’ well-being, but also on knowledge transfer and supporting young, gifted students."

JKU Vice-Rector Elgin Drda is pleased about the eleventh professorship appointment at the JKU Faculty of Medicine: "The Faculty of Medicine is pleased to welcome Prof. Alexander Moschen. He brings both professional and academic excellence to the table I have no doubt our students will greatly benefit from his expertise and experience."

Franz Harnoncourt, managing director of the Kepler University Hospital, stated: "I am not only pleased for the department, but also for the entire university hospital. Prof. Moschen is a medical professional who values good healthcare, research and teaching; they are just as important as personal aspects. Gastroenterology is a central component for a sustainable university hospital. By aiming to advance healthcare research and create a "Center of Competence for Inflammation Medicine", he will make significant contributions to the advancement of the Kepler University Hospital as well as the local healthcare system. I wish Prof. Moschen and the entire team of Internal Medicine II all the best."

About Prof. Dr. Alexander Moschen, PhD

Born on December 8, 1978, in Innsbruck, Prof. Dr. Alexander Moschen, PhD studied medicine at the Medical University of Innsbruck and then specialized in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. He also conducted research and taught at his alma mater and subsequently completed a Senior Clinical Fellowship in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy at the renowned Cambridge University.
Prof. Moschen is married and the father of three. The passionate mountaineer also enjoys swimming, playing the piano, and running in the forest. The Tyrol native is enjoying Linz so far and is impressed with the Danube, the city’s central location in Austria, the friendly Upper Austrians, and the cultural events, particularly music and concerts.