JKU Graduate Develops Tax Return App

Revenue office? Not necessary. A free app, co-developed by a JKU graduate, helps to simplify your income tax return.

The app helps users keep track of expenditures and related documents. It can then create a report with financial numbers to easily enter on “FinanzOnline”. When it is tax time, users only need to enter the amounts online collected over the past year. This saves time from having to search for documents and click through the FinanzOnline history.  The app also provides helpful tips and could even help you get more money back.

The Tax@Home team consists of two graduates from Vienna and Maria-Sophie Schoder (JKU Linz). Ms. Schoder remarked, "We created 'Tax@Home' to help other students and graduates in Austria with their income tax returns."

The app is available for free at the Google Play Store.