JKU Junior Researcher Presented with an Award in Tokyo

How will we work with tomorrow’s computers? JKU doctoral candidate Alwin Zulehner’s research focuses on this question and more.

The JKU computer scientist was presented with the Student Research Award at an international conference in recognition of his outstanding dissertation.

Whether on a desk at home, as a cell phone in your pocket, or in the form of intelligent vehicle brake controls, computers are everywhere. At the same time, advancements to today’s technologies based on electronic circuits are becoming increasingly difficult, leading scientists to start researching alternatives, such as quantum computers. While physicists tend to drive research in the field, computer science is also becoming an inherent part of research in computer sciences. In the end, computer scientists will be required to use quantum computers. Together with Prof. Robert Wille (Institute for Integrated Circuits, JKU), Alwin Zulehner’s dissertation focuses on developing methods for this purpose, that would allow programs and algorithms to translate new computer technologies and simulate them more efficiently. His research is attracting attention from companies such as IBM and Google and won him the Student Research Award at the renowned Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference in Tokyo (Japan).