JKU Legal Expert Honored by the Red Cross

Birgit Haslinger, an international law expert at the JKU, was one of three award winners presented with the Treichl Award for special humanitarian work.

Assoc.Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Birgit Haslinger focuses on providing a more simplified application and compliance with international humanitarian law when it comes to increasingly complex situations. During his speech, Red Cross President Gerald Schöpfer remarked, "Prof. Haslinger is continuing to help us develop an important core area at the Red Cross - international humanitarian law – by providing humanitarian aid with a minimum level of rules."

Prof. Haslinger, deputy department head at the Institute of Public International Law, Air Law, and International Relations at the JKU, was touched by the honor and remarked, "The norms of international humanitarian law balance military necessity by maintaining a minimum level of humanity and are intended to limit the suffering caused by war. I am pleased that my work in academia can contribute to this field."

Presented for the 23rd year, the Treichl Humanities Award is presented in recognition of outstanding commitment to humanitarian work.