The JKU Responds to Scheduled Upper Austrian Lockdown and Transitions to Distance Learning on November 22

Beginning next Monday, November 22, university courses and exams will be held predominantly online or in a hybrid mode. In lieu of the coronavirus, employees will be permitted to work from home.

Science Park 5
Science Park 5

In this regard, the Johannes Kepler University Linz supports the protocols and mandates as issued by the state government in an effort to combat the pandemic.

Rector Meinhard Lukas remarked that his has been a difficult step for the JKU: "Since the start of the Winter Semester, the JKU has made every effort to keep classes on-site as it is so important for students. We commend our students and employees for adhering to safety protocols and mandates but despite the high vaccination rate among university employees, we have to once again move in-person classes online. We are doing this to uphold our social responsibility."

He added, "The university will continue operations and will hold labs on-site as well as ensure students can use the libraries and the Learning Center in adherence to the “2.5 G rule” and by complying with the mask mandate."

The JKU will continue to monitor the situation closely and will resume on-site and in-person operations once the situation improves.

The following regulations apply beginning next Monday, November 22 (at the moment, for a period of 2 weeks):

  • In general, university operations are such that courses will no longer be held on-site and will transition to being held online. However, some courses can be offered in a hybrid mode (simultaneously online and on-site), but attendance is not mandatory for students.
  • Exceptions include courses that can only be held on-site, such as labs.
  • Exams are to also be held online to the greatest extent possible. They can, however, also be held in person if necessary, particularly in lieu of the short notice to transition.
  • When on campus for any reason, prior safety protocols apply (adherence to the “2.5 G rule” [vaccinated, recovered or PCR-tested] and the FFP2 mask mandate. Although the check-in system will remain in place, the number of check-in stations will be reduced. There will be one at Kepler Hall om campus and one at the JKU MED Campus.
  • As of now, the library and the Learning Center will remain open for the time being to give students a place to study. Please adhere to the “2.5G rule” and wear an FFP2 face mask.
  • In lieu of the pandemic, employees may work from home but it is not mandatory. Working from home cannot interfere with existing operations and the work flow.