JKU Researcher Duo Wins the 2020 Science Slam

The annual Linz Science Slam competition took place this year at the JKU in adherence to strict Covid-19 protocols. Once again, victory went to the JKU.

von links: Andrea Navarro Quezada, Anna Spindlberger
von links: Andrea Navarro Quezada, Anna Spindlberger

Bravo, Anna Spindlberger and Andrea Navarro Quezada! The two JKU researchers placed first during the annual Linz Science Slam competition! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s competition took place without an audience present. Nevertheless, the duo won the jury over with their entry titled "Galliumnitrid: der Klugscheißer unter den Halbleitern". In six minutes, the duo explained how a river, light and small magnets can help find the ideal dissertation topic. There were, of course, many more creative and entertaining entries, also by other JKU faculty members. It's definitely worth a watch!

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