JKU Researcher Presented with the 2020 Heinz Zemanek Award

Alwin Zulehner is the recipient of the 2020 Heinz Zemanek Prize in recognition of his outstanding dissertation in computer science.

Doktor Alwin Zulehner
Doktor Alwin Zulehner

The Austrian Computer Society presented the biannual award, accompanied with € 5,000 prize money, to Dr. Alwin Zulehner (Institute for Integrated Circuit and System Design; dept. head: Prof. Robert Wille).


Award: 2020 Heinz Zemanek Preis

Dissertation: Design Automation for Quantum Computing

Content: Many companies and universities are competing to create the first practical quantum computer. In addition to the many challenges of developing and producing quantum computers as such, computer science has to address and solve countless other issues. Zulehner’s work addresses these problems and makes it possible to, among other things, experiment with simulated quantum computers today, even though real versions will not be available for several years.

About Alwin Zulehner

Alwin Zulehner, from Traun, age 30

Area of Research: Quantum computing, design automation, emerging technologies in general

Hobbies: In addition to his passion for computer science, Zulehner plays handball with the SK Keplinger Traun team.

Curriculum vitae: Zulehner graduated in Traun and earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 2012. He finished his Master's Degree in Computer Science in 2015 with his thesis titled "Interpretation of Dynamic Languages in Hardware". Zulehner’s professional experience includes working as a software engineer for companies like Intel and Apple.