JKU Researchers Receive a “Highlight” Award

Nano-Technology pays off: A publication by JKU LIT physicist Moritz Brehm was honored as a nanotechnology highlight of 2017.

Titled "Site-Controlled and Advanced Epitaxial Ge/Si Quantum Dots: Fabrication, Properties, and Applications", Dr. Brehm wrote about approaches to using optically active quantum dots as light emitters for data transmission in CMOS technologies.

In addition, he wrote about the possibilities by demonstrating how the position of these self-assembled quantum dots can be precisely controlled by nanostructuring silicon surfaces.

The publishers of the journal Nanotechnology believed his work was worthy of presenting him with the "Highlight 2017" award.

Moritz Brehm (Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, JKU) is LIT project manager in the Young Career track. His recent LIT presentation impressed an enthusiastic audience of peers and partners.