The JKU Launches a New Alumni Podcast Series

Episodes in the new JKU podcast series, "Hörsaal Ausblicke", will feature hosts Marion Draxler and Christoph Kinast chatting with Johannes Kepler University Linz alumnus about their time at the university as well as their personal career paths. The podcast is now available on all popular audio platforms and at:, opens an external URL in a new window.

Michael Pötscher von Linzer Bier
Michael Pötscher (Linzer Bier)

The Johannes Kepler University Linz has been actively involved in shaping education and the future of Upper Austria for over 50 years. The university has produced several thousand graduates from four faculties, ranging from engineering & technology to social sciences, business, natural sciences, law, and medicine. That said, who are the alumni of the past and present and what are the stories behind people? The new JKU podcast series, “Hörsaal Ausblicke”, focuses the limelight on its graduates.

Talking with Leading JKU Graduates

Stefanie Schauer (creator of Offisy), Michael Pötscher (CEO of craftvoll Ltd. and the mastermind behind the Linz brewery in the Tabakfabrik), and Dominik Lorenz, (founder of hoss mobility), reminisce about their time at the JKU.

Personal Insight into Individual Career Paths

Podcast hosts Marion Draxler (JKU press spokesperson), and Christoph Kinast (journalist at ORF Upper Austria), not only reminisce with their guests about their student days, (in)famous Mensa parties, and lifelong friendships, but they also talk about the challenges to earn a degree and then ultimately start a career. Listeners get personal insight into their respective career paths, learning what keeps alumni connected to their alma mater to this day.

“Lecture Hall Insights” with Michael Pötscher of Linzer Bier

The first episode features Michael Pötscher and is now available on all major audio platforms. How does a business major end up brewing beer? And wasn't it 'love at first sight' for Michael Pötscher and the subject of beer? The podcast reveals all of this and more. Click here to listen to the first episode:

The podcast "Hörsaal Ausblicke" is produced in partnership with ORF Upper Austria.