The JKU and Technical University of Upper Austria: Two Universities, One Campus

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas is delighted with the government’s decision to establish the new Technical University of Upper Austria at the JKU campus.

auf Stufen sitzender Rektor Lukas im Science Park

The JKU campus has a long history and now there is a new milestone. Construction for the original buildings on campus began in the 1960s. Over the past few years, the campus underwent numerous enhancements and is now a very attractive environment for students, faculty, and local residents alike. The JKU is now home to the new Kepler Hall building, the Somnium, the Learning Center, Science Park 4 and 5, the Circus of Knowledge, on-campus dining, such as the Teichwerk and DASKuyo, the LIT Open Innovation Center featuring the LIT Pilot Factory, as well as re-designed open spaces. The Upper Austrian government has now rendered a decision to add the new Technical University of Upper Austria at the JKU campus.

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas is delighted about the government’s groundbreaking decision: "Right from the start, my proposal was to establish the TU of Upper Austria at the JKU. In the end, the government was persuaded by "two universities, one campus" concept. As a result, we have the ideal prerequisites to make the most of shared synergies between the new TU and the JKU. There are, for example, opportunities to support joint degree programs, conduct cross-university research, share infrastructure, and take advantage of a uniform and standardized administrative structure. The two universities will complement each other well but still remain independent institutions. Linz will become an even more attractive university town."

Rector Lukas believes that rendering a decision in regard to where the TU will be located will facilitate the startup process: "Naturally the JKU will support the TU’s development to the utmost extent however, based on corresponding cooperation agreements, the Ministry of Science and the TU’s executive bodies must decide to what extent they will utilize the JKU’s capacity."