“KinderUni” Summer Program for Kids: University Students of Tomorrow

Under the motto "Children Create Knowledge", close to 900 “junior researchers” between the ages of 5 and 15 took part in the “KinderUni” summer program.

kinder der kinderuni in einem halbkreis versammelt

Over 1,700 spots in the program at the JKU were filled and the “junior researchers” enjoyed a range of activities that included microscopy at the JKU Bio-Lab, arthroscopy courses at the Kepler University Hospital, building rocket cars, experimenting with water, laser, light and rubber. Kids also built and soldered electric motors, light emitting diodes, solar cells, electronic cubes and circuits. 2018 Science Slam European Champion, Günter Auzinger held a fascinating presentation titled "How Telescopes Bend Light - A Clear View of the Universe". 33 JKU institutes took part in the children's “KinderUni” summer program.

NEWS 12.07.2019